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        Meet Your

        your executive

        Meet your president and vice-presidents, discover their roles and how to contact them.

        your council

        Discover your council representatives and how they safeguard your interests and concerns.

        your societies

        There's loads of societies at King’s! Join one and meet new friends with shared interests.


        May 6th Emergency Council

        Welcome to the emergency council meeting! 6:04: Meeting lled to order. Land acknowledgment. 6:05: BIRT Paige Chaisson, Mason rter and…

        April 3rd Council Liveblog

        Good morning! Welcome to the council liveblog for April 3rd. 10:10: Meeting lled to order. Land acknowledgment. 10:17: Adoption of…

        March 6th Council Liveblog

        Good morning everyone! Welcome to council. Today is the last meeting with the current exec, thank you to them all…